The HCG Diet Pills

The subject of weight loss is on the forefront of many people’s minds today. The world is filled with high-calorie treats that are both cheap and easy to get a hold of. How many fast food restaurants can you think of in your general area? People who live busy lives often have to turn to this sort of a meal for its sheer convenience, and unfortunately it’s making them fat!

The work people do today is also drastically different from the professions of past generations in that much more time is spent sitting down. In a world filled with computers, cell phones and telecommuting, a lot more work gets done while expending far less energy. Couple that with the fact that there is an abundance of food and you’ve got a recipe for serious weight gain.

Losing weight has often been attributed with exercise and diet. It takes time to go to the gym every day and it can be exhausting. For those with a busy lifestyle who are looking to lose weight, the HCG diet might fit in comfortably with its fast results and minimal time commitment.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the HCG diet pills? Originally, HCG was taken via injections along with a 500 calorie diet by people who want to lose weight. HCG has been proven to be overwhelmingly effective in this by helping people lose as much as 2lbs a day! If you’re looking for something quick and effective, then look no further as the HCG diet is what you’ve been searching for.

You’ve probably heard of the HCG diet injections by now, but the HCG diet pills are relatively new and a viable alternative. The major difference between the pills and injections are not the weight loss they provide, but in the manner with which they are able to prevent HCG diet dangers. It’s easy to see that the pills is the safer between the two.

The injections are taken once a day and must be kept cold. Most people have to mix their own HCG hormone with sterilized water in their homes and do the injections themselves. Some doctors are willing to administer HCG injections to their patients, but that can be both costly and time consuming considering it has to be done every day.

The pills, on the other hand, are taken three times a day as opposed to once. Because they’re taken orally, the amount of HCG in the pellets is more than one would take in the injections, but it doesn’t cause any undue harm or strain on the body. The pills are taken sublingually (under the tongue) and dissolve quickly. They are far less intrusive than daily injections and easier to manage for those who may have a problem with needles. They also don’t require refrigeration, and can be carried easily wherever you go.

As previously mentioned, both the injections and the pills provide the same level of weight loss. Both HCG protocols require that you closely follow the diet and list of approved foods. The only real down side to taking the HCG diet pills is that they cost a little bit more than the injections. Since they possess more of the HCG hormone, they cost more to produce and thus cost more to buy. In reality, though, the ease of weight loss and lack of hassle that the HCG diet pills provide far outweighs a marginal increase in the price.



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