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One thing that has plagued dieters for years and years has been motivation. It’s easy to start a diet, but as the days go on and you find yourself hungrier and hungrier, it can often be difficult to stick to it through to the end. One of the best aspects of the HCG diet is that its time frame is so short. The HCG diet consists of three phases and lasts only about a month. That’s not too long in order to experience rapid, drastic weight loss, is it?

There are a lot of ways to stay motivated while on the HCG diet, the first one being the weight loss you will experience. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the results of your hard work start to emerge immediately. Most people who complete the HCG diet report losing about a pound a day, that means that by the end of the week your pants that used to be tight will fit comfortably. By the end of the month, you may need new pants!

Another way to stay motivated is to keep in contact with others who are on the HCG diet by visiting and taking part in HCG diet forums. The forums are designed to help those who need a little support by providing those who are on the diet direct contact with those who have completed it successfully. While the diet is strict and the list of approved foods is a narrow one, many dieters have come up with tricks and tips to help make the HCG diet protocol go by easier and to maximize the weight loss.

If you’re still having trouble with motivation, recording your progress is key. A great way to do that is to start your own HCG diet blog. There are several out there on the internet right now, and they all basically chronicle the blogger’s daily trials and tribulations while working their way through the HCG diet plan. Starting your own HCG diet blog can give you a place all your own in which to record your daily progress on the diet. If you decide to visit forums, you can even link your blog there and share your thoughts with other dieters. Being able to see each previous day’s success will help keep you motivated and determined to see it through to the end. Not only that, but as your successes are recorded, it can help others who are in the same boat stay motivated during their own diet phases.

Starting an HCG diet blog is easy, there are many free blogging sites out there and very little is required in order to get it up and running. Whether or not you’re a good writer doesn’t matter either as blogs are generally written informally, much like an online diary would be.

Being able to do things as a group has always been easier and better than doing something yourself, and starting your own HCG diet blog is a great way to share your story with others. Their comments and encouragements can be invaluable during times of difficulty, and the success is all the greater when you can share it with others.

If you enjoy blogging, it doesn’t have to end when your HCG protocol does. You can easily continue blogging about your healthy diet and exercise program that you follow in order to maintain the weight loss you encountered on the HCG diet.

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