HCG Diet Protocol

Many alterations may be made to the hcg diet plan; however it is pertinent to know the original outline of the protocol. This will aid you in making informative choices about where and when and what you may adjust during the phases and will give you a solid foundation to get you started.

In Dr. Simeons original manuscript, titled “Pounds and Inches,” he outlined it precisely and gave thorough regulations:


  • Tea or coffee in any quantity without sugar.
  • Only one tablespoonful of milk may be consumed in a 24 hour period.
  • Saccharin or all-natural sweetener derived from a stevia plant may be used.


  1. 100 grams of beef, chicken breast, crab, fresh white fish, lobster, shrimp or veal. All fat must be carefully trimmed before cooking; meat must be weighed raw. In addition, it must be boiled or grilled without any additional fat. Dried or pickled fish, eel, herring, salmon and tuna are not allowed. The chicken breast must be removed from the bird.
  2. One vegetable of the following:
  • Asparagus
  • Beet-greens
  • Cabbage
  • Celery
  • Chard
  • Chicory
  • Cucumbers
  • Fennel
  • Green salad
  • Onions
  • Red radishes
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes

3. One breadstick (grissino) or one Melba toast.


  • The same four choices as lunch.

Following these guidelines is made easier by the allotment of choices Dr Simeons allows in terms of spices. You can add some punch to your meals with any of the following:

  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Marjoram
  • Mustard powder
  • Sweet basil
  • Vinegar
  • Thyme
  • Parsley
  • Garlic

Note: No butter, dressing or oil may be used.

You are allowed to add some zest to your water with juice from one lemon daily (may be used however you wish at any time).

Also be aware that the fruit or breadstick may be eaten between meals as a “filler” vs. eating with above said recommendations, but not more than four foods listed may be eaten at one meal.

If you develop an aversion to meat, you may substitute with eggs – three whites and one whole. The eggs must be boiled, poached or raw.

Furthermore, it is also stated in the Protocol that cosmetics and medicines should also be eliminated. This will prevent HCG side effects from use of fat-laden cosmetics. Acceptable cosmetic options are lipstick, eyebrow pencil and powder. All oils must be avoided as it has been shown that the hCG will attack the layer of oil on the skin rather than attacking the fat cells, as the oil is absorbed into the skin.

Another important note for women – the hCG injections are to be stopped completely during the menstrual cycle; however you will be required to remain on the VLCD. Once menstrual cycle is complete, you may begin taking the injections again. Also be aware that since hCG is the hormone that is detected during pregnancy, right after conception, it is possible to show a false positive pregnancy test during the time of taking hCG. If there is a chance you may be pregnant, you should seek your doctor right away and immediately stop taking the injections.


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